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Start your MLM classified

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  I've partnered with some of the largest classified ad sites on the Internet so you can now post your ad to thousands of locations all from this one page!

  Post as often as you can and use the free sites to practice your ad writing skills or to test headlines! Make sure you read the submission guidelines at each site, as they have different time frames as to how often you can submit. If you violate these guidelines, you could be accused of spamming.

 Click on the links below to submit your ad.


Traffic Swarm

This is the best of the group. Get your classified ad seen all over the internet.


Adland Pro

To learn how to best use Adland Pro, click here to send a blank email for their training series. They also now offer Pay-Per-Click classified ads for as low as 1 per click. This is a great way to start getting traffic immediately for very little cost. Click here to sign up. In addition, they also have a useful email course on Website Success.


AdPost Classifieds




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